Welcome to ZeroCity - a captivating multiplayer third-person action game where you will plunge into the mysterious world of a modern city in the near future. However, as you step onto these streets, you find that the city has sunk into an enigmatic void.

You are tasked with surviving in this mysterious city, overcoming trials and searching for vital resources. During your journey, you will find signs of life, which will help you understand what has happened here. But be cautious. Your curiosity may lead to unexpected consequences. Mysterious creatures lurk in the darkness of this city, and they are not ready to reveal their secrets without a fight.

Stay alert, explore bravely, but remember that each of your steps can lead to new discoveries or dangers. Battles with enemies, overcoming complex obstacles, access to forbidden city zones - all of this will become your integral experience, enriching the game world with unique nuances and details.